Friday, 29 June 2012

Review of usthad hotel

Ustad hotel is a movie about 4stages of life.Beautifully written and directed.This movie is very carefully excecuted and is very much within the frames of a commercial malayalam movie.But luckily doesnt  end up being only a commercial movie.Actually it never ends.It just goes on like the waves of the ocean.The movie begins with Feyzee,his quest to breakfree from his businessman father to a life he has setup for himself. A life a young man would love to have but as the story progresses its told to the viewer that it was all a short lived and shortsighted dream. Usthad hotel is Feyzee 's journey to understand the real meaning of life. There lies the novelty of the subject. This movie underlines the four stages of life. Dulquer playing the youth,Sidique playing the middle age and thilakan playing vaanaprastham.The movie tells us whatever you have in your life still your life is incomplete. Usthad hotel bridges the gaps between our incomplete life without being preachy teaches you to live.Dulquer shines in a restrained performance never trying too hard or trying to be a comnercial hero.Nithya Menon is good.Thilakan shines in his role,the real hero of the movie.
Kudos to Anjali Menon for such a meaningful story.Anwar rasheeds conviction and brilliance to direct a different topic. A superb movie. Loved it. I think the movie will be a hit,cause Malayalam audience are a thinking audience and they dont need to be spoonfed.


ajin krishna said...

gud review... :) keep up the good work.. :)

Shareef S M A said...

nice review.. already heard many positive review about the film.. let me see soon

Patriciai Josef said...

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