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Pearls of Magic

Long time ago, two kings ruled over India. Two kingdoms, one situated in the Marwar region in the north and another in the Malabar region of the south.  Even though different in locations and cultures both the kingdom were plagued by draught. Farms had gone dry, food supplies had been exhausted, rivers and reservoirs were evaporating.
 The people of both the Empires ran to their kings, to find a way out of this calamity. The king’s consulted their Rajpurohit's who asked the King's to send their eldest sibling  in the search of jaaduuu Ki moti found in the far by mountains. But the kings reject their respective Rajpurohit's advice because they couldn’t let them go alone as it was too dangerous. So ask the Rajpurohit for another solution. But the Rajppurohit’s stay firm on their decisions because they felt it was the only solution to this problem.
But conditions worsened day by day for the people, who become restless and they started questioning the king’s commitment. To save their fathers pride princess of the Marwar and the prince of Malabar leave their kingdoms in the quest of jaaduuu Ki moti. This journey was not a short one it was a journey which could take years to complete. Princess went southwards to find the jaaduuu Ki moti in the Vindhya Parvat and the Prince went northwards to find the jaduuu Ki moti in the Himalayas.

They walked all their way. They felt it was an opportunity to do something for their people. They walked every step with a sense of joy and pride. Days passed by, their enthusiasm shrunk as they were crouched by the scorching heat which made them weaker. Every step they took it felt like a gigantic stride.

On one fateful day, the prince and the princess met at a place called Midland having not met a person for weeks they feel happy to see each other. The day was nearing an end, so they decide to spend the night in Midland. They spoke to each other the whole night. They bonded like they were long lost friends. They slowly realise that they are so much like each other and they had never met anyone so similar. They discuss about their journey and the sacrifice they did for the people. Listening to each other they felt like listening to their inner conscience.

Next day they both wake up but both of them felt they would rest for a day or two in midland and then proceed with their journey. They explore midland and they fall in love with the place.
Soon the prince and the princess feel very close to each other. They feel incomplete without each other but they know their relationships has its own limitations because even if they want they would never be able to meet each other because travelling from Marwar to Malabar took a lifetime even then they wouldn’t reach because they had to go back to their kingdoms to give the jaaduuu Ki moti. So they remain good friends and one day they decide to go their own ways.
Next day the princess leaves the prince while he is asleep and starts walking to the Vindhyas. She doesn’t tell the prince because it would be difficult to face him. She walks faster and faster, to go far away from the prince so that even if there is a change in her decision she can never return. Inside her she discovers a longing for the prince and she knew she loved him. But it could only add up to her woes and she already carried the burden of the expectations of her peoples hope.
She keeps walking in the scorching heat without even bothering to rest, but as time goes by she feels weak and every step becomes a milestone for her. Tears roll down her eyes she realises how big a mistake she is doing. She feels she can’t live without him. She thinks if she continues this path she won’t even be able to get close to the jaduuu Ki moti. She has only two ways to go from here, two walk front towards her death in sorrow or to go back to her life. It was her choice with the weight of right and wrong weighing heavily on her back. She decides to follow her heart and blind herself to her mind.
She turns back and this time every step faster than the other.  Her feeling of being weak vanishes, but the thought of not seeing the prince lingers in her mind because it was months’ time she left him. She feels he too must have left to the Himalayas in the quest of jaaduuu Ki moti. 
Deep down in her heart she feels that he will be there.  As she comes closer to midland, her heart beats faster and louder in anxiety. With every step she feels weak, she wants to meet him. She wishes he hadn’t left. She feels how foolish she was leaving him and not assessing the consequences it followed.
 She reaches midland and everything there looks calm and serene like always. Everything was stationary and she decides to go towards the mango tree as her last attempt to find him.
As she moves closer to the mango tree she could sense somebody sitting under the tree. As she goes nearer she sees him.
 She runs towards him and kisses him. She hugs him tightly the prince tells her “I know you would come back one day”
The princess asks him “Were you not angry when I left without even letting you know. I thought you would have left to the Himalayas”.
He replies” I knew whatever you would do will be right so I tried but I couldn’t go forward I felt I was leaving something incomplete. I realised soon I was incomplete without you.”

The prince asks her “Who am I to you?”

 She replies
It’s not a question I have not asked myself,
It’s a question, for which I never got an answer,
Who are you? Who are you to me?
You are not the most important priority in my life,
You are a season of never ending joy in my life
When you aren’t there it feels empty,
You are like the rains for me,
When I am dried and I can’t sustain any more life in me,
You arrive fill me with life,
I in turn give life to the whole world,
Still you are not everything in my life,
I have more important priorities in life,
Cause it can’t rain always,
Rains also floods.
You have to go and come back soon,
When I am all dried and evaporated
Only you can make me feel this way because
I love the rains
I love you
I love being with you
I want to be with you.

He replied “Can’t you stay here and live together? Is it necessary to go? I know will never meet somebody so perfect for each other. It’s our life. We have every right to live it our way. I know there are people waiting for you. But if they were your only priority ,why did you come back to meet me.”
“I don’t know. I even don’t want to know. I felt like coming to you ,to see you.”
He said “That’s it? “
“Ok then let’s go tomorrow”
Even though she wanted to go away, she dint think the prince will let her go so soon. She felt terribly bad, tears rolled down her eyes but she tried controlling them. She was confused she dint know what she wanted but all she wanted now was the happiness of our people.
Next day, the prince went towards the north and the princess travelled towards the south. After many days both reached their destinations.

The princess went inside the cave of jaaduuu Ki moti and got the jaaduuu Ki moti. The jaaduuu Ki moti is only visible to the heiress of Marwar dynasty who travelled all the way all alone. That was the tradition and belief.
She goes back with the jaaduuu Ki moti to her kingdom. On the way she keeps looking for him. When she reaches midland she waits two days for him because that was the meeting point for both of them but he didn't turn up. Third day she leaves because she dint want to delay it more. In few months she reaches her kingdom and she hands the jaaduuu Ki moti to the Rajpurohit and after lot of prayers.  The northern kingdom gets rain and people begin celebrating. All the people in the kingdom start dancing but the rains hid the tears in the princess eyes. She knew she had paid a big price for the happiness of her people. She felt she had realised everything she set to achieve but it felt so incomplete without him.

Days pass by and the people in the northern kingdom regain their past glory, rivers get filled and farms all fertile but they find their princess was gloomy all the time. They couldn’t see the princess sad so they wanted to know the secret of her silence. Through some close friends of the princess, the people come to know about the prince of Malabar and they come to know about the sacrifice the princess did for them. They think it’s their duty to make their princess happy and make her meet her prince. They think of ways to reach Malabar but they knew it will take a lot of time and most probably never reach there. Therefore they think about alternatives and they come up with a plan to make a boat and travel through the newly formed river. Villagers came together and made a huge boat to take their princess to her prince. They set sail and they start travelling. But success was not assured but still they travelled after many days of travelling they think of stop at a river bank and coincidently they stop that place was Midland. The princess realises midland had become more green because of the rains

 One villager comes running and alerts there is another boat on the end of the bank.
The villagers of Malabar were travelling to the kingdom of Marwar. They were travelling for their hero, their prince who saved them from drought and who sacrificed his love for the people. To show their gratitude the villagers built a boat to take their prince to his princess.
When the villagers realise that the prince of their princess was in Midland. They carry their princess in palanquin to the prince. The princess steps out and sees the prince. The prince kneels down and shows his respect and announces if he had ever done something good in life it was all because of her inspiration. It was because of her, he learnt to live for others dreams and became a hero of his people.
He thanks the people of both the lands for helping him to meet his princess and announces he and his princess will stay in Midland for a lifetime because it was the place they discovered love and it was the place which made them meet.

They build a beautiful house together and live rest of their life happily ever after

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