Sunday, 22 July 2012

An Evening to Remember

I was looking at the sapphire coloured skies of March, she resting her head on my shoulders. It felt perfect, for the first time I felt it was there to last forever. I am standing with the girl of my dreams. I couldn’t believe why luck bestowed upon me all of a sudden, it was not a path less easy but traversing it was great joy, sometimes accompanied by her and sometimes left all alone trying to figure the disfigured life I lived. We had come a long way since we met for the first time last year in the week of valentines. Every morning since that day it was only her thoughts which woke me up. It was with her I saw my dreams, even though I knew very well it rests upon air which holds nothing. I wanted those dreams to stand tall someday. I was lost in thoughts looking up at the sky.
I felt it was time for me to do something in life. This new feeling of responsibility and urge made me feel really good about the way my life was shaping up. It felt like the most romantic moment of my life. I looked at her; she really looked like an angel that day . It felt my life was on track. I can’t explain how good it felt. But I also felt scared, I dint want this to end. I knew this moment would end but I dint want this magic between us to ever end. I would do anything to be with her. I wanted to stop being lazy and try hard for the placements next month, Till this moment my engineering life was aimless. I really dint know what to do. I dint even care to think about it. This moment I felt it was not only my life I was living, my actions was attached to so many lives. If I dint pull up my socks now then I would lose her. She was my life. It’s a cliché I know, but so is love. I never felt this way for anyone first time cliché, first time love. I felt I had fallen many times in love but she defined love for me.

She looked at me breaking the silence in the otherwise pin drop silent terrace where the only noise was children playing in her society.
She said “seems like something is cooking in your mind?"
I looked at her and shook my head and said “nothing”.
She kept on asking and I just smiled back and shook my head.
"Aakash please…” She was like a small kid, her expressions changed so fast from happy to a question mark on her face.
I have every right to know what you thinking about. You are in my favourite adda. I am the boss here.
You better say or else?
"Or else what? “ I laughed again it was fun seeing her like this.
Her face becomes serious and she removes her head from my shoulder and goes away. I try holding her back but she escapes. She goes to the corner of the terrace as I follow to her there. I hold her hands and look at her but she removes her hand  from the knot of hands and looks away from me. It was time for me to do damage control, I had to change the topic, that was a safe bet."
"Hey . I like your city. I am already planning to stay here for the rest of my life. Really never seen a city so perfect. Just awesome. “I look at her and she was still like a sad smiley.
I couldn’t control my laughter she reminded me of my one year old cousin .Even though Sia is 21 sometimes I really feel she is like a small ignorant kid . And sometimes she made me feel she was a very matured person with all the wisdom in her words of life well lived for generations together.
I had to do something to lighten up her mood.
"Ok i give up. But before that Mmmuuah... (I kissed her cheeks)"
"Aakash you are mad.What if somebody sees".
I look at her eyes and I say
"I will miss you when I go Bangalore. I will really miss u. I don’t know how these two days passed. The best days of my life.”
“Even I will miss you alot.”
Ok now .Tell me what you were thinking that time?"
I don’t know how to say it to her. I was feeling shy to tell her.
I disseminated all my thoughts to her.
SIA-"oh my god!!You were thinking about all these stuff I thought you were
thinking about something romantic"
AAKASH- "romantic?"
SIA- "Ya something light. Let’s live this moment to the fullest.
Tommorow will see tommrow.What happened to you Aakash? I really miss my old ultra-romantic Aakash."
Aakash-"Sia.i felt it was the most romantic thought of my life.”
Sia smiles and pulls my cheeks.
Sia-"My baby don’t take too much tension. Chill yaar. You like my city right will stay here only forever and yup my father my father is rich so u can become ghar jamaai. (She laughs out loud and starts running).
I run behind her.
SIA-"ok Aakash its late will go down or else mom will be angry."

 As I climb down the stairs. I think for myself I used to tell all those beautiful lies ,things which would never happen in real life and she loved that but today I told her the most beautiful truth of my life and she felt it was boring. Today I realised, Girls loved to live in their fantasy land and they hated the real world that was the reason she loved my unreal world I created for us, but I knew life was different and no fairy tale. For the first time, I liked this burden on my shoulders even though it’s pushing me far away from myself.

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domesticgoddess-nextdoor said...

very well-written and very well potrayed....goood

Varun Ashok said...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

ultimately ,as a reader we got the message which was important...but my suggestion ,being a famous writer myself is, u need to work a lot more on the arrangement or the or ordering of the lines through which you convey the story. well done though! good luck! u have a bright future my son!